Our black fiberglass series are a line of rods that have survived the test of time. They are
moderately priced yet are built with fiberglass blanks and quality components to make
sure they will survive the rigors of dynamic saltwater fishing.
Our cobia series has been a staple in the Panhandle of Florida since 1978.

Our E-glass stand-up rods are built with top quality components. Our short 8" slick butts allow the angler to get one on one
with the fish and apply far more pressure than with longer butts. Our tapers are designed to put the stress and pressure on the
fish and not you the angler. Whether you are stand-up tuna fishing off the Outer Banks or deep jigging off the Florida
Coast our E-glass stand-ups will perform at their best every time. Our deep drop/planer rods are fabricated using solid
glass blanks with grinds developed personally by Rick Berry. These rods are perfect for pulling huge planers from Daytona
to Maryland or deep dropping in 600 -2,000 feet of water anywhere.

Our IGFA series are made from the toughest fiberglass blanks available. Like all models,
the IGFA series have been tested over the years and proven to stand up to the rigors of
the toughest of offshore angling.
Many of our 80 and 130 lb rods are used for giant marlin fishing in the Gulf of Mexico
or Bluefin Tuna fishing on the East Coast and the Bahamas.

Our basic series features cork grips with cushion hood reel seats and quality guides without the high prices usually found
with other graphite offerings. Our time tested graphite blanks used in the basic series are a lower modulus of graphite,
which absorb more shock than does higher modulus, yet still perform exceedingly well in combat. Our Longfoot Series
features higher modulus blanks with long feet guides that stand off the blank more for longer casts and even more durability.
Wraps are 8-sided chevrons and each blank has been personally designed by Rick Berry to do the job intended for that
line. This series is for the discriminating angler who wants more than a basic rod still at very affordable prices.

The bonefish trout series, much like the graphite Longfoot Series, are for the discriminating angler who wants more than the basic
graphite spinning rod. They have superior guides, reel seats, wraps, and a higher modulus blank. These models are available
in numerous lengths. With each additional 6" in length, 10 feet is added to the length of the cast.

The 7 1/2 bonefish/trout is quickly becoming a standard for bonefishermen in South Florida. The entire series is used by light
tackle anglers all over the Gulf and Atlantic states.

The new REC guide rods offer just about the ultimate in light tackle fishing with nearly unbreakable guides
made from hi-tech titanium.

Our mullet series rods feature a slightly heavier rod in the longer lengths yet are still very cast friendly for the discriminating
angler. They are built with quality components and offer a wide variety of uses from surf to river to near shore.

Our Ugly Stik style spin series offers anglers both a moderate priced rod with top quality parts and durability. Many of these
rods are used by top quality charter boatmen on both coasts for sailfish, blackfin tuna, dolphin, many other game fish
and standup to the job to be done year after year. We offer line test from 12lb to 50 lb. in the spin rod series.

Our live bait series was custom designed by Rick Berry in the late 1970's using input from dozens of top kingfishermen in North
Carolina. We still use this same taper today in the 12/20 lb. series. It is nearly impossible to get a better rod for such a
reasonable price. Numerous kingfish tourneys have been won using this model.

Our snapper series was designed by anglers on the Gulf Coast of Tampa for the rugged nature of bottom fishing for snapper,
grouper, light trolling and many other uses.

The 20 lb. snapper available both in 6, and 6 1/2 feet has become a favorite for kingfishermen in North Carolina and sailfisihing
with a kite off South Florida.

These rods are some of the finest graphite rods/blanks--95% graphite-- made anywhere IMHO.
We are offering rods both in spin plug and jig in addition to our dual jig rod. The dual jig rods 1240/72 2060/78
and 2080/84 are all designed to accommodate both spin or conventional rods and early reports are that they
are fulfilling our hopes better than expected. So far our line ratings appear to be conservative at best